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Edge Of The World is a Russian rock band from Barnaul formed in 2021, consisting of:

Anton Poluykov - Vocals/Music/Production/Managment

Vladimir Emelin - Lyrics

Igor Petukhov - Bass

Vladislav Vychurov - Drums

Vitaly Ermolaev - Lead Guitar

15 June 2022 - Debut Album "Signs"


Lyrics - Vladimir

Let's talk about the heart of our songs - lyrics. All of them was written by Vladimir Emelin, a successful business man, but he always loved express himself in poetry, he has over 500 poems. Two years ago, Vladimir took part in the recording of an album called "My Book Of Answers" with a rock legend Ken Hensley (ex-Uriah Heep), which was based on Vladimir's poems. And then he met Anton


Music/Vocals - Anton

The composer and the voice of our songs. Since he was a kid, Anton’s been surrounded by music. His parents often invited lots of friends home, played the guitar and sang songs night after night. However, the crucial role in forming his musical identity belongs to Linkin Park, the band, that will be mentioned a few more times in our story. After watching their music video ‘Faint’ (followed by ‘Numb’ and ‘From The Inside’) he was literally hit by a storm of emotions: he realized there was nothing in the world better than music! Travis Barker, the drummer for the rock band Blink-182, also influenced Anton’s music style. Blink-182 music wasn’t too hard - several chords were enough to repeat the tunes - but the way Travis played the drums was simply incredible! So Anton started playing the drums, but after he made friends with Vlad (btw, later it turned out they were distant relatives, but it’s another story worth of the soap opera plot :D) he switched into singing and playing the guitar. Since then he’d been writing his own songs, but later took interest in Hans Zimmer’s music which led him to musical composition. However, he decided to create his own style, so he combined orchestra music, electric guitar and drum’n’bass in his project which he called Lifetheory. Two years ago he made friends with Vladimir who was finishing his cooperation with Ken Hensley. This is how the Edge Of The World’s story began.

Bass - Igor

In his early childhood Igor vigorously did track and field. However, as many other teenagers at that time, he liked songs by Linkin Park, whose music stirred him to take an interest in making and playing his own. Together with Anton and Vlad he organized a cover band where he was the bassist. The band gave a couple of performances, but later took a decision to disband due to the lack of their own material. After the breakup the former bandmates were involved into their own projects. Though Igor devoted himself to sports, he never stopped loving rock music.


Drums - Vlad

Vladislav started playing drums when he was 14 y.o., he was inspired by the notorious band - "Linkin Park". Many teenagers at this age faced all sorts of problems, the lyrics and music of the band perfectly conveyed the emotions that raged inside almost everyone of us at this age. Some time later, his attention was attracted by the announcement of one unknown band, so this is how we met him. Since then, Vladislav has not stopped improving his skills, he founded his own drum school, he teaches there to this day.


Lead Guitar - Vitaly

Vitaly had his first musical experience at the age of 16 when an electric guitar was given to him as a present. He realized at once that he wanted to learn how to play it and write his own songs.
And, probably, a bunch of CDs with cool music appeared to be at hand for a reason. Among the bands there were: Metallica, Disturbed, Korn, P.O.D. And, of course, Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit impressed him a lot then! As well as all of us
Since 2010 Vitaly has been doing music. During this time he dipped his toes in metalcore, nu-metal, modern metal, thrash metal, and groove metal. At that time he made friends with Anton; while playing in a band called Sylvia87, he made friends with Vlad.
We hadn’t seen him for long, but he found out that we were looking for a solo guitarist, so he sent us a message and we invited him to Edge Of The World without any hesitation

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